Final Proposal

 A magic door. 



The idea comes from Doraemon, a Japanese anime. This Random Door will have the ability to lead the user to anywhere they want.

The LCD will create a fake 3D space inside the open door, generating a virtual space.  The space will respond to human interaction by tracking their faces. This will affect the perspective and movement of the inside world. There is also a accelerometer to make it respond to the movement by itself.



The simulated behavior of the 3D space will look familiar to this:

Final Proposal

For  my finals, I want to redo my mid-term project, since it wasn’t working quite well. I want to do a mechanical butterfly, and am inspired by this jeweler, Dukno Yoon’s work. I want to borrow the mechanical aspects of it and have it motorized.

Final Proposal

I want to make a midi controller with 4 analog inputs and 14 digital inputs (13 for notes/samples and 1 as a “shift” key). I will you use two shift registers in order to add extra digital inputs.

here is a rough pcb layout made in fritzing



and here is sketch of the control panel.


The final proposal

For the final, I want to make a small model of cupboard.

When I try to change something in my life with Arduino, I find that I have some problem with finding different things in my cupboard. Because sometimes I put something in front of others, so when I try to find something I have to move others first, and sometimes I may miss them. To fix this problem, I come to the idea about making a real cupboard that can help me when I am finding my stuffs. But I realize that the servo cannot take the heavy work, so I will make a small model for it this time.The cupboard can rotate itself when users com to it. With this function, it will be more convenient for users to find out what they are looking for. Also users can stop the cupboard by press a button on the cupboard, so they can pick up what they want. As this project, I may put some candies in this model, so it will be a candy box actually. I will put different kind of candies in different place, as a symbol of different things. Users can choose what they like from the small box.

Here is the structure of my project.


And I checked other candy boxes. Most of them just mix the candies together, or put them in lines. The former one make users hard to pick out what they want, the latter one take a lot of spaces. But I also find that users like the transparent material and the wood material for the candies, I will use this as the element of my project.


I am going to use a distance sensor to deter if a person come to it and a 360 reg servo to make the candy box run itself.  A pressure sensor will be used to stop it and a 180 reg servo will be used to open and close the box.


I believe machines should adapt to humans, instead humans adapting to machines. Based on this perspective, I am designing a MIDI glove, that activates a range of sounds by tapping on different color surfaces.



Normally, people have to learn the instruments for a while, before they play them. Such as piano, the players have to remember the locations of the keys. For guitar, it will be more complicated. There’re 6 strings and more than 19 frets on a guitar. For generating pitches, the players have to use the fingers in their left hands to press the strings in different fret, and use the fingers in their right hands to clip the strings.



Is the learning necessary?

How to make the instruments adapt to the players, instead the players adapting to them?

What’s the most natural and direct way for playing music?



I will put sensors in the glove. Wearing it, the player can naturally tap his/her fingers on anywhere to create the sounds. It’s much easier than playing piano or guitar. There’s only one glove for the left hand. As only 5 fingers in one hand, are there only 5 pitches?

Definitely not. When tapping on another surface with a different color, the glove can generate another 5 pitches. The signals generated by tapping, will be transmitted to GarageBand ( music software) to generate sounds.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.08.49 PM

pcompFinal_bb IMG_1958


Download the presentation here,

Final Project Proposal

I combine this with my major studio final project. This is a recorder used by roommates, which can record the word you want to say to yourself. Also others can give good suggestions, blessing  or funny word to you through this recorder. The big stars on the box are LED buttons. Each one have their own button. You press your button to record sound then press your button again to finish recording. The recorder will choose a random day from 3 days to 10 days to repeat the word to you. When it repeat word, all the lights are on first to remind you that there is a word to you from the past or the space. So it’s just like a time machine. You go to the recorder, press your button and listen to the word from yourself or others then your light goes off.

You can also use this to say something you are not willing to tell your roommates face by face. It gives you a media to avoid some awkward and conflict.

The buttons and little stars make up the letter “t”, which means the theme of “Talk to me”.

IMG_3542 IMG_0001

Final Project Proposal

This is a game project using arduino and openFramwork.

Each player has a hand-held gadget with an arduino sensor and an LED light which can be pushed or squeezed to control the color composition on the screen. Players mix their own colors (R/G/B) to match the blended color with the border color shown on the screen — within a time limit. The more closely the colors match, the higher the score will be. The LED light of each player stands for the color he/she owns in a single stage. Colors will be rearranged in every new stage. For 4 players we even have a CMYK mode!

Input: Arduino sensor
Output: LED light, openFramwork animation on screen

螢幕快照 2014-11-21 上午6.26.44

螢幕快照 2014-11-21 上午6.26.58