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Hi, my name is Yu Zhang. I’m born and grow up in Shanghai, China. Just graduated for my undergraduate from University of Orgeon in product design. I love travelling and visited exhibition, gallery or museums. I’ve been to many exhibitions, and I feel the growth of technology in design and art. So I want to explore more about design and technology.

Honestly, I start to hear about arduino just recently, before I have no clue about this green board..Then, my friend told me that there are so many projects can be finished with arduino, especially those installations. So I registered this Pcomp class to explore more about what arduino can do. I know there are many students who have already got so many experiences about arduino, so hopefully, I can catch up and do some exciting installations by using arduino!




Hi, my name is Douglas and I’m from CA. My background is in business and graphic design. After finishing my undergrad, I was accepted into law school, paid my tuition seat deposits, moved to San Francisco where my school was located, and at the very last moment I decided not to go. Ultimately, I knew that law was not what I wanted to do with my life.

Once I made that choice, I put together a photo and video portfolio as I had developed a passion for it during my later years in college and I began cold calling agencies. I eventually got to work for a production agency in Los Angeles.

I’m looking forward to PCOMP because I want to learn more about making products and installations. I’d like to eventually create something like the nike fuelband in the future.




Hi everybody!

My name is Luobin,  from Beijing, China. I’m a native Beijinger. If you have a plan traveling to Beijing, just ask me about everything!

I have a background in graphic design, UI/UX design. Before Parsons, I did some works related to service design, motion graphics , user-interface and video-editing. Although some of them involved hardware stuff,  it didn’t really give me a chance to get to know about pComp  and do it my self.

After all these years designing only for visuals and ideas, it’s time to explore how I can push it harder to archive something all by myself.  It would be interesting to see transferring and recreating the interaction experience from virtual to physical –  the various type of  physical feedback to it. And I would also like to try experimenting with sound, it will be sooooo much fun!!!!!


Introduction / Fabiola Einhorn


Fabiola here, originally from Sweden with a background in creative strategy, I got my BFA in San Francisco and later moved to NYC for a job in advertising. As the whole selling thing got a little boring (although I love the cultural research and respect the craft of advertising), I needed room for more creative tinkering, which brought me here. I have recently been enjoying p-comp a lot, and aim to develop products that benefit rehabilitation through art for my thesis.

I have most recently been inspired by Lygia Clark, who did a series of pioneering propositions related to psychotherapy and art. Her methodologies relate to my thesis research in that I would like my end products to be both artistic and therapeutic or semi-utilitarian in some aspects. She recently had a retrospective at the MOMA that I unfortunately missed. If anyone went to it, please let me know and we can have a chat!

Máscaras Sensorias (1967)



Introduction – Melanie

I am Melanie, second-year MFA Design and Technology student with a BFA in Visual Communication focused on New Media from the Universität der Künste Berlin; but I was born and raised in Switzerland. Prior to my time at UDK, I completed an vocation in network support/software dev and worked several years as a Web Designer and Web Programmer.

I am interested in robotics and mechanics as well as refresh my knowledge about electronics. I wanna use the PComp class as support for my Thesis studio.

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Ralph Steiner Mechanical Principles 1930

Cathy’s Way Too Much Info Introduction

Hello world!

My name is Peiying Feng. I go by Cathy in English sometimes, but either name is fine — whatever rocks your boat, yeah!

I’ve lived in the US, Canada and for the past few years in China where I did my undergrad  in Information Design (wut?). We do a lot of random stuff like data viz, interactive installations, a dabble of user interface… Fun stuff.

I know a little bit of Arduino, mostly little bits and pieces that I’ve picked up while trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing in my interactive installations and had one scary encounter with openFrameworks and Kinect (had no clue what the hell I was doing with that). I’m hoping in PComp class to learn Arduino/openFrameworks/etc in depth so that I can do more than just blink lights on and off so I can make a gaggle more of interactive installations. They’re a lot of fun to make!

My work is on here:

V Motion Project – one of the coolest projects out there:

Link to the video because I can’t seem to embed here:

Jessie Contour – Introduction

I feel like making lists:

  1. Born and raised in San Diego, CA
  2. Moved to Boston, MA for undergrad at Northeastern University in 2008. Majored in animation with a specialty in technical animation (rigging, simulation, dynamics), minored in graphic design with a focus on typography.
  3. Graduated in 2013 and have been working in video games ever since.
  4. Moved to NYC, attending Parsons.

Nightmarehit spinner

My main goals in taking PComp include (in no particular order):

  • Making a battlebot
  • Learning about wearable technology
  • Making little arduino-driven light and sound responsive critters with personalities that I can program and/or procedurally generate.
  • I’m sure I will come up with many more things I want to make but I don’t know enough about PComp to think of them yet.


Lucy Bonner: An Introduction


Hello all!

I am a medieval historian (with an emphasis in chivalric literature and political culture) who taught herself design and loves traveling. And her dog, Bo. (Because he is awesome.) I lived in York, England for a few years and since then back in Texas- and now here in New York!

I am really interested to learn about a lot of things, like wearable technologies and soft circuits as well as interactive and sensory-input designs. At this point I’m still exploring and want to try everything.

Udit Mahajan – Introduction

Hey! I am Udit Mahajan. I am from New Delhi, India. I like experimenting in different fields using various mediums to create design, art, music, photography and poetry. You can check some of my works here!
Coming from an electrical engineering background, I am not too sure which direction I want to go so I am exploring different fields here and trying to find my niche. I am really interested in learning Interaction Design and Wearable Technology among other things. Looking forward to the classes!

Qianjing Liu—introduction


Hello everyone, this is an introduction for myself.

I am Qianjing Liu, it is a Chinese name. You can also call me Lucy for short and easier to remember. I came from Shenzhen, a small city near Hongkong. My background is Industrial design, and I just graduated from the college this summer.

In my third year of college study, I took a class about making products working with arduino, so they can be more interactive. In that class, I made a light with other 3 members in a group. It is a simple experiment, we just used sensors to account the number of people inside a room so that the brightness of the light can change. But since then, I felt that the products connect with arduino is really interesting. It makes possibility for users to connect with products in different ways and make life easier.

I think we are going to have lots of fun in the class.