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Final Project Proposal

I combine this with my major studio final project. This is a recorder used by roommates, which can record the word you want to say to yourself. Also others can give good suggestions, blessing  or funny word to you through this recorder. The big stars on the box are LED buttons. Each one have their own button. You press your button to record sound then press your button again to finish recording. The recorder will choose a random day from 3 days to 10 days to repeat the word to you. When it repeat word, all the lights are on first to remind you that there is a word to you from the past or the space. So it’s just like a time machine. You go to the recorder, press your button and listen to the word from yourself or others then your light goes off.

You can also use this to say something you are not willing to tell your roommates face by face. It gives you a media to avoid some awkward and conflict.

The buttons and little stars make up the letter “t”, which means the theme of “Talk to me”.

IMG_3542 IMG_0001