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Audio Pop Making O-Hey

2014-11-08 13.58.33

There is something really satisfying about making your own circuit board.

Soldering something this small needs some serious soldering skills. I accidentally burnt a bit of my audio cord. But what I realized was that having a good soldering iron makes a WORLD of difference. (My LOL shield was a nightmare.)

And most times, when soldering, I wish I had hands like this:

Yeah… trying to hold solder, soldering iron and thing needed to be soldered in place is tricky with two hands.



First we drew the circuit on the paper, and Ayo helped us to check if it is right or not.


And then, we try to drew the circuit on the board.


After that, we put the board into acid solution and waited for about 20 minutes!


I picked my board out, and put it into water. After that, I clean it by the cotton-padded with alcohol.


That’s what it looks like in the end of the class.