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I am Shih-wen Chen from Taiwan, you can call me Angela. My background is computer science and I did some freelance jobs of graphic and web design. I had a job focus on Digital Humanity after college for two years.

I did a little physical computing using FPGA board for a class in college, but I’ve never touched Arduino. Most of the time I concentrated on software side. So I’d like to try and explore this area and make something fun!




Hi, my name is Yu Zhang. I’m born and grow up in Shanghai, China. Just graduated for my undergraduate from University of Orgeon in product design. I love travelling and visited exhibition, gallery or museums. I’ve been to many exhibitions, and I feel the growth of technology in design and art. So I want to explore more about design and technology.

Honestly, I start to hear about arduino just recently, before I have no clue about this green board..Then, my friend told me that there are so many projects can be finished with arduino, especially those installations. So I registered this Pcomp class to explore more about what arduino can do. I know there are many students who have already got so many experiences about arduino, so hopefully, I can catch up and do some exciting installations by using arduino!




Hi! My name is Haotian Li. I just graduated this summer and my background is Industrial design. This is my first year in MFA Design and Technology. I feel that everything is very cool here and want to combine software and hardware in my design.

I went to Ericsson China company in my fourth year of undergraduate as a UI designer. I designed the interface of an app which used by workers to feed back information after work. Also I designed the interaction ways of this app.

I used the Arduino to make an intelligent flower pot in my fourth year which can measure the CO2, temperature and humidity of the air inside our home. Then the flower can show the air condition by its open angle. I find that we can do a lot of things by using Arduino.HAOTIAN



I’m kAi, also from Beijing, China.

My background is graphic design and graphic user interface design. I was working in a social network in China recent 3 years. I do UI for mobile apps.

I have great interest in wearable devices. love pcomp things and I want to use wearable things to create music. And I also have interest in Audio Visualization.

I’m also a dog lover. There is a fur body in my Beijing home. He’s a fox terrier, which is very rebellious.

My portfolio,

My recent project was a concept design for smart watch.


Jessie Contour – Introduction

I feel like making lists:

  1. Born and raised in San Diego, CA
  2. Moved to Boston, MA for undergrad at Northeastern University in 2008. Majored in animation with a specialty in technical animation (rigging, simulation, dynamics), minored in graphic design with a focus on typography.
  3. Graduated in 2013 and have been working in video games ever since.
  4. Moved to NYC, attending Parsons.

Nightmarehit spinner

My main goals in taking PComp include (in no particular order):

  • Making a battlebot
  • Learning about wearable technology
  • Making little arduino-driven light and sound responsive critters with personalities that I can program and/or procedurally generate.
  • I’m sure I will come up with many more things I want to make but I don’t know enough about PComp to think of them yet.


Week 1: My Introduction

Hai gai’s…

My name is Jessy Jo. I ride a scooter because scooters rock. I wear bows in my hair because I like long hair but I hate hair in my face.

Anyway. Here’s a fancy picture of me for reference:


I am a gamer and game designer, an animator, an educator, a social justice junkie, and a “cutie-weirdo“.

I am the co-founder of Win to Learn, Inc., a company that strives to teach kids to code through game design. We use “play” as a way to learn. More recently we have expanded to teach some animation, since I am so versed.

I like the idea of physical computing and want to learn it so that I can teach it to a younger generation. Kids really get me and I really get kids, so it works. Parents go nuts for me.

I’m trying to keep my intro short because I’m sure you’ll learn all about me from my big mouth in class. Nevertheless, here are some links to my work. Enjoy!

| Sweet Teeth | Battle for Boobland | Win to Learn |
| Other Stop-Motion & Motion Graphics |