HW – FlushMotor from Delirious Things


I am investigating the ways in which hidden systems can manifest in our daily lives, if these systems counteract our intentions and behave in unexpected ways. A button being pushed exemplifies our ability to control the material, but the underlying mechanism has a life of it’s own. This is a speculative project demonstrating what it might be like to experience a future where design objects have agency. The occasional prank might be fun and unexpected, but the sociological impacts of objects living in symbiosis with humans might have profound behavioral impacts and most importantly will affect the context these objects live in.

These are two daily objects connected through the Internet using Arduino Yun. The flush of a toilet represented here by a pushed button sends data to the internet that is grabbed by the motor mounted on the turning table. The idea here is that there is a surrealist visual relationships between these two objects that makes sense of the interaction. So what if our daily objects start to communicate together and create a new system of interaction?

Here’s a video that shows a little bit more how this works.



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