Jessie Contour – Introduction

I feel like making lists:

  1. Born and raised in San Diego, CA
  2. Moved to Boston, MA for undergrad at Northeastern University in 2008. Majored inĀ animation with a specialty in technical animation (rigging, simulation, dynamics), minored in graphic design with a focus on typography.
  3. Graduated in 2013 and have been working in video games ever since.
  4. Moved to NYC, attending Parsons.

Nightmarehit spinner

My main goals in taking PComp include (in no particular order):

  • Making a battlebot
  • Learning about wearable technology
  • Making little arduino-driven light and sound responsive critters with personalities that I can program and/or procedurally generate.
  • I’m sure I will come up with many more things I want to make but I don’t know enough about PComp to think of them yet.


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