Qianjing Liu—introduction


Hello everyone, this is an introduction for myself.

I am Qianjing Liu, it is a Chinese name. You can also call me Lucy for short and easier to remember. I came from Shenzhen, a small city near Hongkong. My background is Industrial design, and I just graduated from the college this summer.

In my third year of college study, I took a class about making products working with arduino, so they can be more interactive. In that class, I made a light with other 3 members in a group. It is a simple experiment, we just used sensors to account the number of people inside a room so that the brightness of the light can change. But since then, I felt that the products connect with arduino is really interesting. It makes possibility for users to connect with products in different ways and make life easier.

I think we are going to have lots of fun in the class.

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