Making Things Move Assignment

Next class you will be presenting your moving projects. You are welcome to use any of the motors that I presented to you in class. Remember that if you need to switch the rotation of a motor you can use an H-bridge. These ICs are also useful for controlling Stepper Motors.  We have some of these chips in stock in the components cabinet of the lab.


If you are using the 180 micro servo motors that I handed out in class, please refer to the Servo Library here:

Here is a very simple example tgat uses 2 for loops to sweep the servo back and forth from 0-180 degrees and viceversa:


Eric Hoffman has a great example for connecting the H-bridge to the Stepper to be controlled by the Arduino here:


Here is the data sheet of the sn754410 H-bridge IC for your reference:

Here is a breadboarded tutorial with a fritzing example of how to combine the H-Bridge with your Arduino micro-controller:



Make sure that you purchase your LOL shields for next week. I recommend that you use Adafruit, because they are local, as well as have a huge variety of colors:


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