Enrica Beccalli – Introduction

308971_2242953106930_938029707_n hello world! I am a designer and an activist from Italy. My background is in Industrial Design and System Design (basically is a design methodology and praxis to deal with complexity) , before moving here in the MFA DT (thanks to the Fulbright Scholarship) I started a Phd in Interaction design in Italy. My main interest is how new technology can modify human behaviors in order to make this world a better place.  Have you ever thought about the fact that technology gave us an incredible amount of possibilities to live our world in a decent way but humans still maintain the cage era behavior?

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I suggest to see this documentary about Arduino, it is very interesting especially for the precedents that inspired Massimo Banzi. The attention to the design not only in the aesthetics but also  in the process is very inspiring, the role of ethics in this project is something we should learn from. (eng subtitles are included) Enjoy! http://tv.wired.it/entertainment/2012/12/06/arduino-creare-e-un-gioco-da-ragazzi-eng-sub.html

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