Final Project Proposal

For my final project I would like to work on prototype 0.4 for my thesis. I am developing a weight for this prototype that would allow me to further test the effectiveness of my ideas over the winter break and serve as a proof of concept.



My thesis is mainly inspired by my personal experiences with my mother as a tetraplegic and the hardships that she and fellow patients have had to go through to recover. In terms of methodology, Lygia Clark serves as a great inspiration as she balances fine art and psychotherapeutic practices. My goal is for the end product to be both very functional and practical as well as therapeutic in it’s use.¬†Currently there are not any products that serve the tracking functionality as well as being in the form of a weight that can be part of your interior decoration, but the KettleBug is a prototype that allows you to track your progress on an external device. For additional resources and material that has lead me to this idea, please see my reading list.


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