Introduction / Fabiola Einhorn


Fabiola here, originally from Sweden with a background in creative strategy, I got my BFA in San Francisco and later moved to NYC for a job in advertising. As the whole selling thing got a little boring (although I love the cultural research and respect the craft of advertising), I needed room for more creative tinkering, which brought me here. I have recently been enjoying p-comp a lot, and aim to develop products that benefit rehabilitation through art for my thesis.

I have most recently been inspired by Lygia Clark, who did a series of pioneering propositions related to psychotherapy and art. Her methodologies relate to my thesis research in that I would like my end products to be both artistic and therapeutic or semi-utilitarian in some aspects. She recently had a retrospective at the MOMA that I unfortunately missed. If anyone went to it, please let me know and we can have a chat!

Máscaras Sensorias (1967)



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